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Josep Martí Tor establishes his pharmacy
in Barcelona.
A restless chemist. He collaborated scientifically with dermatologists of the time, seeking out the best formulas for complex cases.
He developed the legendary formula by combining Proteoglycans and pure Vitamin C to regenerate skin following the aggressive peel treatments that dermatologists often used at the time.
He chose the ampoule format to protect the formula from contact with light and air, preventing oxidation of the pure Vitamin C, the most active form of all its variations. He created a new category that went on to revolutionise the dermo-cosmetic market. The very first ampoules were produced as magistral formulas, meaning they were compounded individually in the pharmacy laboratory.
30 years ago we created the first dermocosmetic ampoule with proteoglycans and vitamin C.
The creation of this ampoule —hermetically sealed in topaz glass — let us keep our unique formula intact, making a product that has earned the trust of dermatologists, pharmacists and customers the world over.

We continue to celebrate the passing of time together.